The Secret to the best coffee in London X Élan Café

It will be no surprise to many of you that on my never-ending quest to 1. visit every coffee shop in london and 2. spend all my free time hiding in coffee shops; I’ve come across Café Élan. I mean, really. Who hasn’t. If the walls of pinks flowers, gold details, instagram perfect cakes and plush pink velvet chairs weren’t enough to put it on your radar then surely the marble tables and the fact that half of in instagram is talking about it has.

So, naturally I was loving life when Café Élan invited me to a coffee masterclass with one of their wonderful baristas in their Market Place Cafe tucked away behind Oxford Street.

Cafe Elan Milly

The secret to creating the perfect latté art (apart from lots of practice – sorry!) is the consistency of the milk – it needs to be frothed until it has a light, almost fluffy texture.

Adventure Await But First Coffee

Cafe Elan Coffee Masterclass

The heart design was the simplest, so mastering that was first on the agenda.

Cafe ELan Market Place Milly

As if people don’t think I have a caffeine addiction already, I had popped into to Selfridges to the Nespresso counter to grab some more Voluto coffee capsules for my coffee machine on the way to the Café Élan master class!

Cafe Elan Latte Art

Coffee is a llquid hug for your brain

Coffee is a liquid hug for the brain. Fact.

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