Is Seaweed the secret to flawless skin?

Shout out to Seatox Seaweed for introducing me to a game-changing facemask in time for the seasonal change and inevitable havoc that the winter months cause to my skin. This is something a bit different to what I am used to so I had to share.

The beauty industry is an exciting place with so many innovations in skincare, wellness and going natural with cosmetics. Seatox Seaweed stripped it back to all natural basics to make your skin feel fresh and soothed as mother nature intended.

To create the magic for yourself you need matcha green tea powder, the Seatox Seeweed Kelp Help powder, honey and water. Mixing a teaspoon of each (plus a few extra for the water) you combine the ingredients to get that perfect consistency.

As a little side note, matcha and seaweed are ancient beauty ingredients that were used for thousands of years in spa treatments, worshipped for how nourished they made skin. Throwing honey in the mix, which is often seen in skincare for its super soothing properties and amazing ability to reduce redness, this facemask seems to cover all bases… especially when the harsh cold weather is upsetting my skin no end. Maybe I will double the honey next time.

As much as I love living in London, I’ve come to accept that I can’t avoid the next level city pollution. However, I can use kelp and matcha as my skin dream team for stripping away impurities – which I love! Leave the ingredients (once mixed) to stand for 5 to 10 minutes before applying to your face. I recommend running a bath, lighting a candle and grabbing a book glass of wine (who am I kidding!?) whilst your face mask gets to work for 20 minutes.

I might not be able to avoid the winter, city pollution and my skin being a general pain in the butt when it comes to being unecessarily sensitive to everything – but anything that leaves my skin fresh whilst avoiding harsh chemicals is a win for me.

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