How to fly first class without the price tag!

When I scroll through Instagram looking at all of the incredible travel photos, I find myself thinking that to truly travel full luxury would be a dream experience – yet there is that all too familiar feeling of this being out of reach and unrealistic on a London budget where half of my salary goes on rent and the price of a G&T is £10 ? but those flawless holiday images that look as though they are straight from the pages of a luxury travel a magazine are just that – images – a second long snapshot that don’t really tell you how to experience a bit of travel luxury for yourself.

Luxury Flight

I think luxury travel it about more than flying first class or staying in 5* hotels in exotic locations. Whilst those things definitely are what most people define as luxury – there are little things that we can all incorporate into our travel that makes it a tad more luxurious and at a minimum – a comfortable trip.

Valet Parking. My most recent travels took me to Dubai via a late evening Virgin Atlantic flight. There was a £30 different between regular parking and valet parking at Heathrow – so it seemed like a no-brainer to go valet. Granted, you have to shop around for deals, but a quick google found the cheapest price and that was that. Nothing makes a trip feel easier than arriving at the airport, handing over your keys and leaving someone else to park the car. The best part ofcourse is when you return from holiday and your car is ready and waiting for you. Bliss!

Eat well. I always feel groggy and horrible after eating airplane food. The combination of confined space, no fresh air and dehydration topped off with unrecognisable food in little plastic packets is my least favourite part of travel. (Though, of all the airlines – Virgin Atlantic do the nicest food.) If you want to avoid eating mystery airplane cuisine then there is an alternative. Some of the restaurants in the major airports let you order food from them, that will be served to you on the flight. Granted this is more expensive than a last minute Boots meal deal but if you want a luxury experience, this will bring that closer to you without the first class flights price tag.

Hydration. Along the same lines as airplane food, dehydration is easily up there with simple things that ruin your travel. There isn’t anything luxurious or sophisticated about dehydration induced travel nausia and a dry mouth.

As well as bringing extra bottles of water onto the plane (as I don’t know about you but I never have enough water with the airplane service) you should also consider bringing these two lifesavers… hydration tablets (they look like a Berocca and work in the same way) and secondly, a gel eye mask.

The dehydration and lack of sleep makes for puffy sore tired eyes. A cooking gel eye mask will leave your face feeling so much fresher (trust me, I’ve tried this and it works miracles!)

Comfort and style. If it is a long flight, bring your own mini travel pillow and possibly even a small fold up travel blanket. It feels so much nicer sleeping in your own bed, and whilst you can’t quite achieve that on a flight, this is the next best thing. A few drops of lavender oil on your travel pillow is a soothing and relaxing way to get off to hopefully a semi-decent sleep (all things considered!)

Despite all of this, if you still can’t sleep on the plane, make sure you use the Dermalogica Sound Sleep Eye Cocoon transformative night gel-cream to remedy your inevitable puffy, tired eyes!

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  1. Ailia
    July 1, 2019 / 20:59

    I always do these things too but I havent use Dermalogica yet. I will try them. Cute inspiration for my next vacation. Pls do more travel content. Tx

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