The most instagrammable biscuit shop in London: Biscuiteers

Nottinghill, London is without a doubt one of the prettiest areas in London to wander around on a crisp winter morning. Beautiful, towering London townhouses in whites and pastel shades line the pretty streets and tucked in between the parks and mews are boutiques and coffee shops galore. A weekend mooching around dream.

…and home to one of my favourite hidden gems… Biscuiteers!

Note to self: don’t wear my hair down when it’s windy

This glorious homage to all things biscuits and icing looks like whimsical illustration in one of those pop-up books you had as a child. Almost fantasy like yet at the same time you could be quite adult and sit there with a coffee to have a gossip.

Biscuiteers London Sign
Coffee at the Biscuiteers

What I wasn’t quite expecting – which I might add sounds daft saying it – is how many biscuit designs there were. I know, ridiculous to be surprised by a biscuit shop having a plethora of biscuits for sale! The window has a full winter scene depicting a ginger man and his home; whilst inside there were biscuits (very accurately) depicting London landmarks, the famous Nottinghill townhouses, birds, flowers, letters, champagne, thank you notes, teacups, butterflies – and “jolly gingers”.

Biscuiteers winter shop display
Biscuiteers Green Heart Biscuit Pop
Biscuiteers Bag

Jolly gingers are what the biscuiteers affectionately call their gingerbread men (and women!) who seem to amazingly range from doctors, astronauts, grandmas, clowns and notably individuals such as Audrey Hepburn, Emmeline Pankhurst, Florence Nightingale and Frida Kahlo. I sense a theme.

So, naturally I went for the queen.

Biscuiteers Queen Biscuit

An all-round quirky yet lovely place to stop for a coffee and also great for little gifts. I picked up the biscuiteers book and a heart-shaped-biscuit-on-a-stick-thing for a friend’s birthday.

Biscuiteers drinking coffee

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