Löwengrip | Easy luxury evening beauty regime for sensitive skin & ultimate hair goals

As you know from my instagram and this blog generally, I am a huge fan of experimenting with skincare and beauty regimes. Although, I have my favourites I find that my skin has changed over time; so some old favourites aren’t as effective as they used to be – meaning I am always open to a new routine. That was a very unnecesarily long-winded way of saying (1) I’ve discovered Löwengrip (2) How only now? you ask (I know – clearly been living under a rock) (3) it has transformed my evening routine – yasss!

I feel like everything in my life is taking on a Swedish influence – my hyggé book (remember that trend?) inspired me to start taking more time for myself and focus on wellness (which for me really was just exploring my love of luxury skincare & beauty plus living my best life in London and travel)… essentially it started one big “treat yo self” mantra that I still live by pretty much every day (whoops). This then naturally meant I went down a Pinterest rabbit hole to ""“>Swedish interior design, which inspired many home purchases…and now I find myself here. Swedish skincare. Going even back further however, to the honest reason behind my random hyggé book purchase in the first place was the beginning of my search for a better work life balance; the need to start caring for myself more and generally work out how I was going to have a career as an ambitious lawyer without burning out.

This “journey” (for want of a better, less cliché expression) is what most connects me to Löwengrip. They design products with the specific aim of empowering women to help them take a step closer to achieving work-life balance by being both multifunctional and time-saving. The founders behind the brand are role models who prove that nothing is impossible with the right support network and mindset. You can have it all – family, a dream career as well as balanced glowing skin. Thank goodness I’m not the only one who wants it all and is prepared to give it my best shot at achieving it!

If that wasn’t enough – Löwengrip focus on premium, high quality ingredients so you know there are no shortcuts. Each ingredient is selected based on sourcing the best, most effective active extracts combined with a strong focus on the synergies of the entire formula. Though this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise though as their core values encapsulated in all of the products include transparency, innovativeness and outstanding quality.

Being that time is sometimes of the essence during a busy working week and luxury skincare waits for no woman(!) my new routine is an evening one – if pampering yourself whilst you’re asleep isn’t productive enough for you – I don’t know what is! I recommend the Sleeping Sensation Hydrating Mask for regaining a fresh look to your skin. It goes on in a matter of seconds and gets to work straight away at soothing and repairing your skin overnight so you wake up to a radiant new glow. With looking after skin also comes hair. I recommend the Styling and Texture Overnight Hair Mask. This hair mask improves hair quality and highlights hair colour through repairing, strengthening and revitalizing damaged cuticles and stressed hair. All you need to do is simply apply it to the lengths of your dry hair and leave in overnight. Easy.

To top it all off, I find that the notes of citrus & sandalwood from the Styling and Texture Overnight Hair Mask combined with the creamy peach scent of the Sleeping Sensation Hydrating Mask send me off into a beautiful calm sleep. Pure bliss.

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