A private audience with the (lazy) ballerinas

Wine tasting in London…I am a firm believer that the best surprises come when you least expect them – this is no exception. So when my friends at the Lazy Ballerinas invited me to visit them again – I couldn’t say no.

But where’s the fun if you can’t see it too? I invite you to sneak behind the scenes under ground beneath the curiously sophisticated and fun Amicable Society of the Lazy Ballerinas. Hidden away, beneath the hustle and bustle of London’s Fleet Street, sits the unique private dining rooms belonging to The Amicable Society of Lazy Ballerinas. Home to the world’s first ever ‘Amicable Society’, these marble-clad corridors are steeped with London’s history, and which I can now say I have become part of as I joined the lazy ballerinas for their first ever exclusive wine tasting soirée.

Where: 50 Fleet St, London

Vibe: a juxtaposition of upmarket cosiness.

Crowd: unpretentious comfort and quality seekers.

The Line Up: Sauvignon Blanc (Organic Uriar – New Zealand), Zinfandel Bonterra (Organic US), Malbec (El Esteco Cuma – Argentina) Chateau Mille Roses (France) and Bodega (Mustigulla Finco Terreraza – Spain)

Small plates : Charcuterie and cheese boards

Private Dining: The Justice Room

Join? The Amicable Society of the Lazy Ballerinas

The Amicable Society of Lazy Ballerinas
50 Fleet Street
London EC4Y 1BQ

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