Dear Valencia

Godelleta, Valencia

Where: Godelleta – 40 minutes from the city centre of Valencia, tucked away amongst perfect lines of orange trees. Think peaceful luxury rather than city hustle.

Villa: Lounging outside the ultra-slick white villa set in its own private wrap around palm tree covered gardens from an oasis of relaxation (I.e the day bed) conveniently placed next to your private outdoor bar and looking out over the infinity style pool. There are worst ways to spend your time in Spain. If you want to feel like Kanye West then this is the villa for you. In the evening the temperature lowers to a pleasant but cooler climate which naturally means you must smugly waltz from the the day bed / my new second home through the villa out to the other side where the wrap around balcony is home to a hot tub and a spectacularly green view of the forest landscape.

Godelleta, Valencia Airbnb

Relax: Worry not about being by the sea and securing your spot on the beach, when you have a private pool basking in the Valencian sun during the day, shaded just the right amount in the mid day heat by your own personal palm tree gardenscape.

Godelleta, Valencia Airbnb Spain

Eat: If you fancy the gourmet meal in the comfort of your villa, hire a private chef. Booked through , you can exerience a beautiful menu of Spanish dishes including starter platters of blue cheese, butternut squash and lettuce and bake aubergine in a tangy tomato sauce. Mains of salmon, greens and chicken are delicious and homey. Want to see the coast? Take a taxi to the restaurant lined beachfront for a traditional paella after an array of seafood starters.

Godelleta, Valencia Airbnb

Transport: Book taxis for getting to the city centre or the coast. There didn’t seem to be public buses or other modes of transport out in the orange fields. However, the villa host is incredible helpful in organsing taxis so you can remain relaxed in ‘modo de vacaciones’.

Book: Godelleta, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain.

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