How to sleep better and keep your hair healthy!

How to improve the quality of my sleep is a constant goal of mine. As we all know, lack of sleep can cause skin and hair to look less than healthy as we get run down and exhausted.

My love for luxury and quality products from London has led me to discover the Nice Cream Company , who specialise in 25 momme silk luxury sleepwear and join the #EliteSleepClub .

Nice Cream Company 25 momme silk pillowcase in blush pink

Step 1. Sleeping on silk helps you stay cool when you are feeling warmer and vica versa! Making sure you are a comfortable temperature is key to a good nights sleep. This is why I am now sleeping on a silk pillow case, so I am no longer laying awake at night because I’m too hot or too cold!

Nice Cream Company 25 momme silk sleep eye mask in blush pink

Step 2. Sometimes it’s impossible to get your bedroom dark enough whether it’s the light from your phone next to your bed or the gap in the curtains. When you’re struggling to sleep, these things can be all it takes to keep you awake! I sleep with a silk eye mask to ensure it is always dark enough to sleep well and not be distracted by any pesky light!

Roja Dove Perfume called A Goodnight Kiss

Step 3. You’ve probably noticed that each step relates to your senses, whether its touch (temperature) or sight (light). The last step relates to smell. Scents are a really important way to relax you and create the right environment for a good nights sleep. Whether it is a lavender pillow spray, aromatherapy oils in a diffuser or a spritz of your favourite perfume – choose a scent that relaxes you.

You can also compliment these 3 simple steps with an evening beauty regime designed to relax and calm you ready for a good nights sleep!

What helps you prepare for a good quality nights sleep?

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