Ultra light Luxury Travel Essential: Tesalate Sand Free Beach Towel

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From Paris to Bordeaux and on to the South of France, this summer was a beautiful vacation designed to treat ourselves. With luxury travel being all about a bespoke experience, tailored to you – it starts before you arrive with your choice of travel essentials for the vacation season. Choosing the right beach towel was one of those decisions.  I was looking for the perfect sand free beach towel, which lead to discovering the Australian brand Tesalate who provided the perfect solution. If anyone knows how to do the beach, it would be Aussies.

Teslate Sand Free Beach Towel 4

Since the brand began, Tesalate have been creating beautifully designed sand free beach towels, using clever technology and striking patterns. I opted for ‘Sakura’ – beautiful design of elegant Japanese blossoms on one side, uniquely contrasted with a contemporary geometric design on the reverse.

Pallais Gallien, Bordeaux
Source: Le Palais Gallien

Unlike with other brands, Tesalate anticipate convenience in all of their design decisions. From the towel being super lightweight to folding up so small I barely noticed it in my suitcase.

Teslate Sand Free Beach Towel 3

The specially created AbsorbLite fabric was engineered to create a towel that can take you from the beach, to poolside, through to yoga. Whilst we were stating in the beautiful Palais Gallien and Sofitel Arc de Triumphe – bringing our own towels was by no means required. However, when lounging on the sun private terrace in Bordeaux there was something quite lovely about having my own towel.

Teslate Sand Free Beach Towel 2


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